Our School
Chairman’s message

“Vidya dadati Vinayam Vinyad’’

Respected Readers,

I feel honoured and privileged to share with you that THE Global School has been attaining the new heights ever since it was founded in 2018. We received the tremendous support from the parents and all other stakeholders. This makes us realise our responsibility to deliver the best to the learners ever.

Truly, we started this institution, aiming to provide the education which may equip the students with the skills of 21st century. The students should be fluent orators, confident, logical thinkers and awared about his/her responsibilities towards the environment.

I, thank specially all the staff members who are diligent enough and take the responsibilities voluntarily.

The students of the school are the testimony and mouthpiece of the culture of the school that’s why it is our sincere endeavour to inculcate Indian values in them so that they may contribute in making of the nation ahead.

Jai Hind – Dr. Karambir Malik.

Our Principal

Mr. Mahender Parashar

Respected Readers,

“Education is useless if your actions are not approved by the morality of the soul and the legality of the constitution.”

Ever since India got it’s freedom, the educational system witnessed a tremendous transformation in the country. We entered in new era which witnessed the fall of Gurukuls and Asharams. The secular nature of the constitution banned the religious education in the modern institutions which marked the flourishment of the Europeans ideology of the physical growth over the spiritual and moral education. This also gave opportunity to open more and more educational institutions and producing lakhs of graduates and post graduates but without skills to work.

At The Global School, we aim to cater the needs of the hour by designing such curriculum which emphasises the groundedness of the Indian values and cater in spirit NEP 2020. The world has shrunken in to global village giving opportunity to the multitalented youth to step ahead and grab it.

Keeping in view, here at TGS, we provide an environment where every learner may explore his own horizons of reasoning, dreaming, imagining and exploring.

The use of technology is made to sharpen the learning skills of the individuals but don’t make him dependent on it entirely. We believe, still the child’s innocence needs personal attention to transform from innocent child to a mature citizen of the country.

We emphasise that the society is before self and to serve the society. The values of honesty, persistence and patriotism should be inculcated among the students so that they can be transformed in to the flag bearer of the values and ethics.

I am sincerely thankful to the management to provide me the staff which is truly diligent and ready to adapt as per the needs of the learners.

Jai Hind

Principal – Mr. Mahender Parashar

Our Vision

Our vision is to open the horizons to students encompassing the whole global society.

Perfecting the students for thoughtfulness which will enable them to ponder analytically and logically.

Helping them incorporate the essential values of goodness, humility, patriotism and discipline in their life span.

Making them understand about the sense of gender sensitivity, adopting the behaviour of equality with human race.

To provide the competitive and harmonious environment to promote science, technology and the liberal arts.


Our Mision

Our mission is to nurture the students to realise their own potential and directing them to achieve their goals by providing them a conducive, joyful learning environment. We aim to inculcate among the students the sense of responsibility towards the nation, society, family and the self.


The Global School, with its motto of “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER,” has been serving the society in the field of education for the last 3 years. The society of the school was founded and managed by distinguished members and luminaries of society. The organization has always guided school to the path of progress with its visionary approach. Consequently, TGS has become significant portal of learning, facilitating the growth of young minds. Their credo is to provide an all-round development and a sound moral base. They consistently strive to foster character building, nurture the inquisitive spirit of children, encourage a scientific temperament and strengthen social bonds. They want each student of TGS to surge ahead with a spirit of healthy competition and learn to balance a successful career with a contended life. Guiding the TGS School in these efforts, Dr Karambir Singh Malik, the Chairman of the school, is a constant beacon and source of strength for The Global School.

Core Values

Knowledge serves as the cornerstone around which a child’s personality is shaped. We nurture children to value and respect the diversity and develop harmonious relations with others.

We believe in preparing students for life and hence, we hone their unique skills that can imbibe empathy and humbleness in their work and life.

Excellence in everything is what we believe. It is incomplete if it is transitory; we evolve the excellence among children. By imparting them seamless knowledge and steady learning, we ensure that they are grown up evolving the positive attitude and a thirst to achieve better than excellence.